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What Should You Do With Unused Cars?

Junk and unwanted vehicles can be found in garages, driveways, and parking lots across Eastern Pennsylvania. There’s a good chance you have owned one of these. Rather than trade them at a car dealership, make the smart choice by taking it to Atlas Auto Recycling.

At Atlas Auto Recycling, we believe that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! We are a licensed vehicle salvage dealer located in Lansdale, PA. Purchasing junk, wrecked, or unwanted vehicles are our main business operation.

Why choose us?

We work with integrity and efficiency. You can trust us to accomplish every job in the shortest amount of time possible. Our team is also honest about the prices we offer for your vehicle.

What We Do

Our team collects all junk cars and trucks regardless of their condition. We will also provide free auto towing and removal services. Once you’re paid, we bring the vehicle to our facility. Our resourceful team salvage and recycling experts will then make good use of it.

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We Buy Automotive Cores

We purchase catalytic converters, automotive batteries, aluminum wheels, starters, alternators, a/c compressors, automotive radiators, and oxygen sensors for recycling purposes.

Auto Salvage services.

Turn to Atlas Auto Recycling if you have an old, used car just sitting in your garage. We are the trusted auto salvage and recycling dealer in Eastern Pennsylvania because we provide premier services.

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